..a world whose beautiful fragility expresses the very core of what it means to be human

Lela Scott MacNeil, Rooftop Films

Extremely beautiful, ingenious, and provoking an incredible oppressive sensation, this is the perfect example of the cartoon’s imaginative strength.

Andrea Franco, Nisimazine

...the imagery is so mesmerizing, that from beginning to the end, you can lose track of space and time.

Satvikmind, Youtube user
Translation by Jen Denike

Here is where you pay two bucks to watch DREAMS FROM THE WOODS - the full movie that Little Dragon’s Twice video is based upon. Including new music by Little Dragon.

You can pay with SMS, PayPal, VISA and in a bunch of other ways.

Except nine minutes of fragile shadowplay you will also get loads of extra goodies; a downloadable version, behind the scenes material, dvd cover, etc. But let’s not talk about all that...

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Cannes 2009 awards